Shamiya’s story – Utility debt

“I was trying to sort it out but I was just getting nowhere”

Shamiya found herself in receipt of a County Court action brought about by her utility company for arrears of over £2,000. The debt had escalated as Shamiya’s utility meter hadn’t been read for some time resulting in an unexpected bill that she couldn’t afford to pay. She contacted the utility company to try and resolve the issue but the dispute rumbled on without a resolution until she received the summons to appear in court.

Shamiya contacted Toynbee Hall and met with one of our support workers. After a brief assessment we were able to challenge the action of the utility company and as a result of our intervention we secured a reduction in the original charge from £2,000 to £800. We also came to an agreement to pay back the rest of the debt in an affordable monthly sum which enabled Shamiya to clear her debt over a fixed period of time.

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